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Table 8 Cold-affected miRNAs and corresponding circadian clock genes

From: MicroRNAs regulate gene plasticity during cold shock in zebrafish larvae

MicroRNA Up/Down Target
Dre-mir-29b Up Per2, Per3, Cry3, Ck1,Clock3
Dre-mir-135 Up Per1a, Nr1d4a
Dre-mir-99 Up Arntl1b
Dre-mir-92a Up Bhlhe41
Dre-mir-96 Up Clock3
Dre-mir-204 Up Nr1d1
Dre-mir-128 Up Bhlhe40
Dre-mir-107 Up Bhlhe41
Dre-mir-2192 Down Clock
Dre-mir-18 Down Per2, Per3,Bhlhe41
Dre-mir-202 Down Nr1d2b
Dre-mir-181 Down Bhlhe40, Nr1d12a
Dre-mir-363 Down Nr1d2a, Bhlhe41
Dre-mir-130 Down Ck1ε, Nr1d12a
Dre-mir-301 Down Ck1ε
Dre-mir-184 Down Cry1b
Dre-mir-499 Down Clock3, Nr1d14b
  1. Up/Down: Significantly up-regulated or down-regulated miRNAs are listed, the comprehensive Targeting clock genes are listed at the right column