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Table 4 Genes of P. subalpina likely acquired by horizontal gene transfer from non-fungal species

From: Globally distributed root endophyte Phialocephala subalpina links pathogenic and saprophytic lifestyles

Protein Putative function SignalP Remarks Order Closest species Habitat
PAC_13705 fatty acid desaturase    n.a. Sphaerosoma arcticus n.a.
PAC_15031 metallo-β-lactamase   Bacillales Brevibacillus laterosporus soil/water/insects
PAC_18575     Acidobacteriales Acidobacteria bacterium KBS 146 soil
PAC_13085 β-lactamase    Caulobacteriales Phenylobacterium sp. plant root associated
PAC_16385 terpenoid cyclase    Rhizobiales Chelativorans sp. soil/rhizosphere
PAC_19778 glyoxalase   gene fragment Burkholderiales Collimonas arenae soil
PAC_12936 glycoside hydrolase   with P. scopiformis Burkholderiales Paraburkholderia sp. plant-associated bacteria
PAC_20157 hydrolase secreted protein with O. maius Sphingobacteriales Pedobacter heparinus soil
PAC_01946 adenine deaminase   with P. scopiformis Actinomycetales Frankia sp. EuI1c soil/plant symbiont
PAC_03408 kynurenine formamidase   Actinomycetales Frankia sp. EUN1f soil/plant symbiont
PAC_03301   secreted protein with O. maius and P. scopiformis Actinomycetales Streptomyces sp. mostly soil
PAC_17397 methyltransferase   with O. maius Actinomycetales Streptomyces sp. mostly soil
PAC_19296     Actinomycetales Streptomyces sp. mostly soil
PAC_14321    with O. maius Burkholderiales Curvibacter lanceolatus n.a.
PAC_07909 quinoprotein amine dehydrogenase secreted protein with O. maius Burkholderiales Paraburkholderia udeis soil/rhizosphere
PAC_06755 carotenoid oxygenase   with O. maius Actinomycetales Streptomyces sp. mostly soil
PAC_02359     Actinomycetales Mycobacterium avium water/soil
PAC_18364 peptidase   with P. scopiformis Rhizobiales Bradyrhizobium sp. soil/plant symbiont
PAC_05940 oleate hydratase   with P. scopiformis Spirochaetales Leptospira sp. n.a.
PAC_15362 lipase   with P. scopiformis Actinomycetales various species n.a.
PAC_11525    with P. scopiformis Ktedonobacterales Ktedonobacter racemifer soil