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Table 6 Species included in the comparative genomic analysis

From: Globally distributed root endophyte Phialocephala subalpina links pathogenic and saprophytic lifestyles

Species Code Lifestyle Class Order Family Reference
Botrytis cinerea Bc Pathogen (necrotroph) Leotiomycetes Helotiales Sclerotiniaceae [55]
Sclerotinia sclerotiorum Ssc Pathogen (necrotroph) Leotiomycetes Helotiales Sclerotiniaceae [55]
Blumeria graminis Bg Pathogen (obligate biotroph) Leotiomycetes Erysiphales Erysiphaceae [124]
Marssonina brunnea Mb Pathogen (hemi-biotroph) Leotiomycetes Helotiales Dermateaceae [125]
Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. lycopersici Fo Pathogen (hemi-biotroph) Sordariomycetes Hypocreales Nectriaceae [56]
Aspergillus flavus Af Saprophyte (soil & rhizosphere) Eurotiomycetes Eurotiales Trichocomaceae [126]
Trichoderma reesei Tr Saprophyte (soil)a Sordariomycetes Hypocreales Hypocreaceae [127]
Chaetomium globosum Chg Saprophyte (soil/plant debris) Sordariomycetes Sordariales Chaetomiaceae [128]
Penicillium chrysogenum Pc Saprophyte (soil) Eurotiomycetes Eurotiales Aspergillaceae [129]
Glarea lozoyensis Gl Saprophyte(soil) b Leotiomycetes Helotiales Helotiaceae [130]
Oidiodendron maius Om Saprophyte (peat bog)/ericoid mycorrhizal Leotiomycetes Leotiomycetes incertae sedis Myxotrichaceae [32]
Tuber melanosporum Tm Ectomycorrhizae Pezizomycetes Pezizales Tuberaceae [66]
Cenoccocum geophilum Ceg Ectomycorrhizae Dothideomycetes Pleosporomycetidae incertae sedis Gloniaceae [131]
Phialocephala subalpina Ps Root endophyte Leotiomycetes Helotiales Dermateaceae this paper
  1. ain contrast to other Trichoderma species, T. reesei does not show mycoparasitism
  2. bITS sequences from environmental samples often derived from soil/rhizosphere