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Table 1 Description of Fusarium Isolates Used in this Study

From: Whole genome sequencing and comparative genomics of closely related Fusarium Head Blight fungi: Fusarium graminearum, F. meridionale and F. asiaticum

Accession Species Disease on Wheata, b Trichothecene Toxinb Origin
Host Location
PH-1 F. graminearum High 15-ADON, DON Maize USA
CS 3005 F. graminearum High 15-ADON, DON Barley Australia
DAOM 233423 (GZ 3639) F. graminearum High 15-ADON, DON Wheat USA
DAOM 241165 F. graminearum High 3-ADON, DON Wheat Canada
DAOM 180378 F. graminearum High 15-ADON, DON Maize Canada
NRRL 28336 F. graminearum Medium 3-ADON, DON Wheat USA
NRRL 6101 F. asiaticum None 3-ADON, DON Barley Japan
NRRL 28720 F. asiaticum Medium DON Maize Nepal
NRRL 28721 F. meridionale Low 4A-NIV, NIV Maize Nepal
NRRL 28723 F. meridionale Low NIV Maize Nepal
  1. aHigh = more than six florets infected, Medium = three to six florets infected, Low = infection on florets adjacent to inoculation site, None = no disease beyond the inoculation site
  2. bToxin analyses and pathology testing were performed in culture and/or on wheat [14, 17, 19, 21, 24, 2830]