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Table 4 Secondary Metabolic Genes are Part of Accessory Genome

From: Whole genome sequencing and comparative genomics of closely related Fusarium Head Blight fungi: Fusarium graminearum, F. meridionale and F. asiaticum

Gene Name Source Possible Function Alternate Name(s) Conservationa
Polyketide metabolism
FGSG_04694 PH-1 polyketide synthase PKS2 FG, FM
FGSG_06540 PH-1 polyketide cyclase   FG, FA
g11843 NRRL 28723 chalcone synthase b   FM, FA
g6531 NRRL 6101 polyketide enoyl_reductase   FA
g1989 NRRL 6101 polyketide synthase PKS40 FA
g21 NRRL 28723 polyketide cyclase dehydrase protein   FM
FG05_30424 CS 3005 polyketide synthase PKS52 FG, FA
FG05_30565 CS 3005 snoal-like polyketide cyclase family protein   FG, FM
FG05_30492 CS 3005 polyketide synthase   FG, FM, FA
FG05_30491 CS 3005 polyketide synthase   FG, FM, FA
FG05_30490 CS 3005 polyketide synthase   FG, FM, FA
FG05_30489 CS 3005 polyketide synthase PKS43 FG, FM, FA
Non-ribosomal peptide metabolism
FGSG_10702 PH-1 non-ribosomal peptide synthetase NRPS17 FG
g11745 NRRL 6101 non-ribosomal peptide synthetase   FA
 g6644 NRRL 6101 non-ribosomal peptide synthetase APS1, NRPS31 FA
Terpene metabolism    
FGSG_08181 PH-1 terpene synthase   FG, FA
g8968 NRRL 28721 Tri5-like terpene synthase   FM, FA
  1. aGene was present in the genome of at least one isolate of F. graminearum (FG), F. asiaticum (FA), or F. meridionale (FM)