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Fig. 3

From: Expansion and diversification of the MSDIN family of cyclic peptide genes in the poisonous agarics Amanita phalloides and A. bisporigera

Fig. 3

Phylogenetic tree based on alignment of POP proteins from species of Amanita, Galerina marginata, and porcine (Sus scrofa). Ap, A. phalloides; Ab, A. bisporigera; Amusc, A. muscaria; Athier, A. thiersii; Gm, G. marginata. GenBank acession numbers of AbPOPA, AbPOPB, GmPOPA, and GmPOPB are ADN19204, ADN19205, AEX26937, and AEX26938, respectively. JGI identifiers for AmuscPOP and AthierPOP are Amamu1|74086 and Amath1|193040, respectively. POPB proteins are in red and underlined. Protein alignments and tree construction were performed using UPGMA within ClustalW and 500 bootstrap replicates in MEGA version 6 [45]

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