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Table 2 Protein class of the DE genes in HuNoV NS1-2 and NS1-2 dis transfected cells

From: Transcriptomic analysis of human norovirus NS1-2 protein highlights a multifunctional role in murine monocytes

DE Genes NS1-2 and NS1-2 dis % of gene counts aAdjusted p-values
Phosphoprotein 43.2 7.6E−02
Purine nucleotide binding 31.1 6.6E−06
Nucleotide binding 31.1 5.5E−06
Ribonucleotide binding 28.8 1.5E−05
Purine ribonucleotide binding 28.8 1.5E−05
Adenyl nucleotide binding 27.3 7.3E−06
Purine nucleoside binding 27.3 6.0E−06
Nucleoside binding 27.3 5.3E−06
Cytoplasm 26.5 2.2E−02
ATP binding 25 2.1E−05
Transferase 18.9 5.8E−04
Hydrolase 16.7 2.0E−02
  1. aadjusted p-values calculated using the Benjamini-Hochberg procedure