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Table 1 Percentage of Pisolithus microcarpus specific genes amongst the regulated transcripts between compartmentsa

From: The transcriptional landscape of basidiosporogenesis in mature Pisolithus microcarpus basidiocarp

Compartment Pismi specificb %
Peridioles Unconsolidated 26.5
Young 31.1
Mature 31.9
Spores Internal 17.5
Free 14.8
Pisolithus microcarpus genome 24.7
  1. aValues in bold: enriched (Fisher exact test; P value < 0.05)
  2. bA Markov cluster algorithm of predicted proteins from 49 fungal genomes was used. If a cluster contained only predicted proteins from P. microcarpus (Pismi), these proteins were considered as Pismi-specific