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Table 3 Possible unigenes and encoding enzymes involved in biosynthesis of HupA precursor

From: Global transcriptome analysis of Huperzia serrata and identification of critical genes involved in the biosynthesis of huperzine A

Gene Degenerate primes method Unigenes from transcriptomic data
LDC AB915696.1, AB915697.1[10] and HsLDC-X1 to -X6[11] unigene96617 and unigene94988
CAO HsCAO [12] CL4248.1, CL4248.2, CL4248.3
PKS HsPKS1 (ABI94386.1)[13], HsPKS2[14], and HsPKS3[15] unigene393, CL2724.2, and unigene394