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Table 1 Predominant enriched GO classes at 24 h in vit C-treated THP-1 cells

From: Genome-wide expression profiling establishes novel modulatory roles of vitamin C in THP-1 human monocytic cell line

GO Term Description Higher hierarchya P-value* FDR q-valueb
GO:0007049 Cell cycle Cell cycle 3.41E-09 0.000
GO:0000075 Cell cycle checkpoint Cell cycle 1.76E-06 0.001
GO:0022403 Cell cycle phase Biological phase 8.15E-13 0.000
GO:0044770 Cell cycle phase transition Cell cycle 2.75E-06 0.001
GO:0022402 Cell cycle process Cell cycle 6.52E-15 0.000
GO:0031570 DNA integrity checkpoint Cell cycle 1.33E-05 0.004
GO:0000082 G1/S transition of mitotic cell cycle Cell cycle 8.40E-05 0.019
GO:0000279 M phase Biological phase 2.25E-04 0.043
GO:0000087 M phase of mitotic cell cycle Cell cycle 1.89E-04 0.039
GO:0007126 Meiosis Cell cycle 3.44E-06 0.001
GO:0007067 Mitosis Cell cycle 2.06E-04 0.041
GO:0000278 Mitotic cell cycle Cell cycle 7.08E-13 0.000
GO:0044772 Mitotic cell cycle phase transition Cell cycle 2.75E-06 0.001
GO:0000083 Regulation of transcription involved in G1/S phase of mitotic cell cycle Cell cycle 1.34E-06 0.001
GO:0051320 S phase Biological phase 6.16E-06 0.002
GO:0000084 S phase of mitotic cell cycle Cell cycle 1.62E-05 0.005
GO:0032201 Telomere maintenance via semi-conservative replication Cell cycle 5.83E-07 0.000
GO:0043044 ATP-dependent chromatin remodeling Chromosome organization 5.29E-06 0.002
GO:0034080 CENP-A containing nucleosome assembly at centromere Chromosome organization 3.34E-07 0.000
GO:0006333 Chromatin assembly or disassembly Chromosome organization 7.41E-06 0.003
GO:0031055 Chromatin remodeling at centromere Chromosome organization 4.74E-07 0.000
GO:0006336 DNA replication-independent nucleosome assembly Chromosome organization 3.34E-07 0.000
GO:0034724 DNA replication-independent nucleosome organization Chromosome organization 3.34E-07 0.000
GO:0043486 Histone exchange Chromosome organization 3.12E-06 0.001
GO:0006334 Nucleosome assembly Chromosome organization 2.18E-06 0.001
GO:0034728 Nucleosome organization Chromosome organization 3.98E-05 0.011
GO:0010833 Telomere maintenance via telomere lengthening Chromosome organization 5.60E-05 0.014
GO:0032200 Telomere organization Chromosome organization 5.83E-05 0.014
GO:0006259 DNA metabolic process DNA metabolic process 2.44E-10 0.000
GO:0006310 DNA recombination DNA metabolic process 6.21E-07 0.000
GO:0006281 DNA repair DNA metabolic process 1.15E-08 0.000
GO:0006260 DNA replication DNA metabolic process 4.57E-14 0.000
GO:0006270 DNA replication initiation DNA metabolic process 5.44E-07 0.000
GO:0022616 DNA strand elongation DNA metabolic process 1.47E-14 0.000
GO:0006271 DNA strand elongation involved in DNA replication DNA metabolic process 3.82E-15 0.000
GO:0006268 DNA unwinding involved in replication DNA metabolic process 2.23E-04 0.044
GO:0006261 DNA-dependent DNA replication DNA metabolic process 2.36E-05 0.007
GO:0000724 Double-strand break repair via homologous recombination DNA metabolic process 8.53E-06 0.003
GO:0045005 Maintenance of fidelity involved in DNA-dependent DNA replication DNA metabolic process 9.31E-05 0.020
GO:0006312 Mitotic recombination DNA metabolic process 7.17E-06 0.003
GO:0006297 Nucleotide-excision repair, DNA gap filling DNA metabolic process 3.51E-05 0.010
GO:0000725 Recombinational repair DNA metabolic process 1.28E-05 0.004
GO:0051052 Regulation of DNA metabolic process DNA metabolic process 1.02E-05 0.003
GO:0006275 Regulation of DNA replication DNA metabolic process 7.56E-05 0.018
GO:0000723 Telomere maintenance DNA metabolic process 4.14E-05 0.011
GO:0000722 Telomere maintenance via recombination DNA metabolic process 2.71E-06 0.001
  1. *p-value, significance value of Gene ontology enrichment (determined in GOrilla analysis)
  2. aEach enriched GO term at 24 h is listed with the higher hierarchy GO term as determined from the Amigo 2 tree view (
  3. bFDR q-value, p-values after multiple testing correction