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Fig 5

From: A transcriptome multi-tissue analysis identifies biological pathways and genes associated with variations in feed efficiency of growing pigs

Fig 5

Multi-way mathematical datasets analysis: consensus between distinct tissues transcriptomes underlying separation of molecular data due to RFI line. a Pigs were represented on the scatter plot created with the first two dimensions (Dim) of the multiple factor analysis (MFA) which aggregated the whole transcriptomic variability across four tissues. Only the first dimension of the MFA (Dim1; 24% of the whole transcriptomic variability) discriminated pigs from the low RFI line and pigs from the high RFI line. b Synthetic latent variables were calculated from correlated molecular probes in the longissimus muscle (Dim 1_LL), liver (Dim 1_liver), perirenal adipose tissue (Dim 1_PRAT) and dorsal subcutaneous adipose tissue (Dim_1 SCAT) and projected in the correlation circle of MFA. The first latent variables in muscle (Dim1_muscle), liver (Dim1_Liver), perirenal adipose tissue (Dim1_PRAT) and subcutaneous adipose tissue (Dim1_SCAT) had a contribution near |1| to Dim1 in the diagnostic plot. This allows considering Dim1 of the MFA as a relevant summary of the main common molecular responses across the four tissues

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