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Table 5 Selected genes about transcription factor with altered expression

From: Transcriptomic profiling of two Pak Choi varieties with contrasting anthocyanin contents provides an insight into structural and regulatory genes in anthocyanin biosynthetic pathway

Group Gene ID Gene Annotation ‘G’ ‘P’
Transcription factor Bra016164 MYB08 Myb-related protein 308 5.87 865.19
Bra036145 MYB12 Transcription factor MYB12 46.07 0
Bra039283 Transcription factor CPC 0.98 42.77
Bra037887 TT8 Transcription factor TT8 3.24 917.07
Bra011772 LBD39 101.15 19.33
  1. G’: Green-leafed variety; ‘P’: Purple-leafed variety