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Table 1 Data sets used in the evaluation of transcriptome assembly, with organism denoting the organism, type denoting whether the organism is model or non-model, libraries denoting the total number of libraries, size denoting the total number of bases in all the reads after quality trimming, reference denoting the publication that describes the libraries, and tick marks within assembly on 32 GB machines denoting the algorithms that can be used for assembly on machines with 32 GB physical memory

From: A scalable and memory-efficient algorithm for de novo transcriptome assembly of non-model organisms

      Assembly on 32 GB machines
Organism Type Libraries Size Reference SOAPdenovo-Trans Trans-ABySS ASplice
S. pombe Model 32 16.9 G [8]
A. thaliana Model 5 16.1 G [29]
D. melanogaster Model 245 158 G [30]  
H. glaber Non-model 13 60.5 G [31]  
C. rufifacies Non-model 66 590 G New data