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Table 8 Sugarcane varieties used for RNA extraction

From: A survey of the complex transcriptome from the highly polyploid sugarcane genome using full-length isoform sequencing and de novo assembly from short read sequencing

Sample type Varieties Tissue description
Leaf tissue samples KQ228, Q208 The first, third and fifth visible dewlap leaf of mature plants
Stalk tissue samplesa QC02-402, QA02-1009, QN05-1460, QN05-1743, QN05-1509, QS99-2014, QA96-1749, Q241, Q200, QN05-803, KQB07-23863, KQB08-32953, KQB07-23990, KQ08-2850, KQB07-24619, KQB07-24739, QBYN04-26041, KQB09-23137, KQB09-20620, KQB09-20432 Internode 3 from the top and internode 2 from the bottom of high, medium and low fiber content sugarcane varieties from mature plants
Root tissue samples KQ228, Q208 Mature roots and root apex from immature plants
  1. aSamples were used for RNA-Seq, while all was used for PacBio Iso-Seq