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Table 4 P-values of top 20 genes ranked by the BFGM methods

From: Functional regression method for whole genome eQTL epistasis analysis with sequencing data

        P-value (Interaction)
Gene Expression Gene 1 Chr Marginal (eQTL) Gene 2 Chr Marginal (eQTL) BFGM RPKM DESeq RNA-min min P-value
ULK4 ULK4 3 1.45E-01 C19orf70 19 7.96E-06 0.00E + 00 4.17E-01 4.98E-01 0.00E + 00 0.00E + 00
ULK4 ULK4 3 1.45E-01 OR10A2 11 6.04E-15 4.07E-305 4.33E-05 4.97E-03 0.00E + 00 0.00E + 00
CCDC13 CCDC13 3 5.60E-01 TMEM121 14 9.94E-24 2.91E-302 4.98E-03 1.73E-02 1.36E-304 2.12E-12
ULK4 ULK4 3 1.45E-01 PSMC5 17 7.30E-23 5.72E-267 2.79E-05 1.50E-03 0.00E + 00 0.00E + 00
ULK4 ULK4 3 1.45E-01 COX5B 2 1.15E-03 2.46E-242 1.82E-03 3.06E-02 2.46E-259 4.94E-323
NKX2-5 NKX2-5 5 3.41E-01 TP53TG3D 16 5.81E-10 2.18E-226 6.66E-02 7.61E-02 1.15E-228 0.00E + 00
ASIC2 ASIC2 17 2.24E-02 RPS16P5 6 4.08E-05 3.39E-226 1.12E-01 7.77E-02 1.76E-158 8.01E-237
TMEM132E TMEM132E 17 8.25E-02 LOC100144602 4 9.50E-51 2.04E-213 1.34E-01 1.30E-01 2.27E-142 1.14E-215
TMEM98 TMEM98 17 6.66E-01 LOC100144602 4 9.28E-51 4.89E-213 8.10E-02 1.13E-01 4.06E-144 6.05E-216
SPACA3 SPACA3 17 7.13E-02 LOC100144602 4 1.41E-50 9.18E-211 9.72E-03 1.21E-02 8.78E-141 4.90E-214
ASIC2 ASIC2 17 2.24E-02 OR5B12 11 3.09E-05 2.89E-205 1.97E-01 1.18E-01 3.63E-141 1.18E-259
CCL1 CCL1 17 6.53E-02 TINF2 14 3.57E-22 3.85E-205 1.23E-01 1.31E-01 1.52E-157 3.33E-210
SCN2A SCN2A 2 1.41E-01 DEFB4B 8 1.30E-32 5.53E-203 1.88E-02 4.91E-02 1.30E-104 2.67E-236
ZNF254 ZNF254 19 4.41E-01 OR2V1 5 2.20E-13 1.19E-183 2.35E-02 4.91E-02 5.50E-225 2.88E-259
KRT5 KRT5 12 2.45E-02 OR5K1 3 1.03E-28 3.26E-177 1.15E-02 2.33E-02 2.29E-201 5.79E-199
FNDC8 FNDC8 17 4.83E-01 LOC100144602 4 8.13E-49 3.46E-172 4.38E-03 6.19E-02 1.20E-124 8.03E-175
CCT6B CCT6B 17 3.25E-01 LOC100144602 4 8.81E-49 4.24E-172 7.49E-03 3.59E-02 3.10E-125 1.72E-177
TMEM163 TMEM163 2 1.16E-01 HIST1H4H 6 1.79E-09 8.50E-170 6.74E-02 4.79E-02 3.40E-112 1.19E-25
ASIC2 ASIC2 17 2.24E-02 LOC100144602 4 9.66E-51 6.06E-165 9.22E-01 8.72E-01 3.82E-104 9.50E-236
KRT5 KRT5 12 2.45E-02 IFNA7 9 3.70E-16 2.43E-163 2.26E-02 1.83E-02 2.15E-178 2.14E-211