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Table 1 A list of identified DEGs with non-synonymous SNPs that co-localized with 4 QTL for FL

From: Identification of candidate genes for fiber length quantitative trait loci through RNA-Seq and linkage and physical mapping in cotton

Chromosome name Co-localized QTL name Co-localized gene name FPKM log2Ratio (L10/S10) P-value Putative gene function
L10 S10
A05/c5 qFL-07X-c5–1 CotAD_51212 0.60 3.51 -2.55 4.7E-12 transcription repressor OFP8-like [Gossypium raimondii]
A11/c11 qFL-07 W-c11–1 CotAD_12261 12.56 5.09 1.30 5.4E-21 putative aldo-keto reductase 1 [Gossypium arboreum]
CotAD_34480 1.72 4.02 -1.22 9.1E-07 protein wvd2-like 1 [Theobroma cacao]
D11/c21 qFL-08A-c21–1 CotAD_02556 29.97 74.82 -1.32 1.4E-43 proline-rich protein [Gossypium hirsutum]
CotAD_28189 1.73 10.56 -2.61 4.4E-40 putative D-cysteine desulfhydrase 1[Gossypium raimondii]
CotAD_02795 105.17 248.10 -1.24 4.7E-222 thaumatin-like protein [Gossypium raimondii]
CotAD_02671 13.82 27.87 -1.01 9.2E-23 CCT motif family protein [Theobroma cacao]
A12/c12 qFL-08A-c12–1 CotAD_25893 16.47 6.31 1.39 6.3E-35 flavin-containing monooxygenase family protein [Theobroma cacao]