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Table 2 Affected KEGG pathways at the onset of European sea bass puberty

From: Identification of conserved genes triggering puberty in European sea bass males (Dicentrarchus labrax) by microarray expression profiling

Pathway name Genes involved
Metabolic pathways
 - Nucleotide metabolism nme3, pold3, cad, tyms, nt5e , dtymk
 - Retinol metabolism cyp26a1
 - Lipid metabolism pnpla2 , gpd1, agrp2 , ptges
 - Amino acid metabolism odc1, pycr2, smox , ass1, cad, shmt1, pah
Cellular processes
 - Cell cycle bub3, mcm3, pcna, ttk, ccnd2, mad2l1bp, cdc28, aurkb, ndc80, spc25
 - Meiosis mcm3, cdc28, dmc1, mad2l2, sycp2, syce1, cenph, cenpi, cenpf, ndc80, spc25
 - DNA replication and repair mcm3, pold3, fen1, pcna, rfc3
 - Focal adhesion actb , ccnd2, thbs1
Genetic information processing
 - FoxO signalling pathway tgfbr1 , stat3 , plk4, ccnd2
 - Hippo signalling pathway amh , tgfbr1 , ccnd2, actb
 - Jak-STAT signalling pathway stat3 , socs3 , ccnd2
 - TGF beta signalling pathway amh , tgfbr1 , thbs1
 - MAPK signalling pathway gpd1, cdc28, tgfbr1
 - TNF signalling pathway socs3
 - Toll-like receptor signalling pathway ctsk
 - Wnt signalling pathway cacybp, ccnd2
 - PI3K-Akt signalling pathway ccnd2, thbs1
 - cAMP signalling pathway adcyap1, amh
 - Hedgehog signalling pathway ccnd2, ihh
 - Rap1 signalling pathway actb, thbs1
Endocrine system
 - Prolactin signalling pathway stat3 , socs3 , ccnd2
 - Renin secretion aqp1
 - Thyroid hormone signalling pathway actb
  1. Downregulated genes appear in bold type whereas upregulated genes appear in normal type