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Fig. 2

From: Fine-mapping host genetic variation underlying outcomes to Mycobacterium bovis infection in dairy cows

Fig. 2

Associations at the region on BTA22 detected in the NVL phenotype (controls vs NVLs). The top panel shows RH mapping results using 30-SNP windows with the LRT plotted with respect to genomic position on BTA22. A grey rectangle highlighting 30-SNP windows significant at the suggestive level. The middle panel shows the associations (−log10(P-value)) from the GWAS for SNPs located within and flanking the RH mapped region of significance. The shaded colour boxes in this panel indicate the genomic position of the RH mapped region of significance with corresponding LRT values displayed in the legend box to the right. The bottom panel shows the protein coding regions within and flanking the RH mapped region of significance. These were obtained using the bioconductor annotation R package [53] with the full genome sequence for Bos taurus provided by UCSC [54]

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