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Table 2 Diurnal and annual transcriptional phases for core clock genes in Douglas-fir needles, as compared to the angiosperm model Arabidopsis and the gymnosperm Cryptomeria japonica

From: Transcription through the eye of a needle: daily and annual cyclic gene expression variation in Douglas-fir needles

Gene Description Transcript or Locus Diurnal Phase (clock time)a Annual Phaseb
Douglas-fir Arabidopsis Cryptomeria Douglas-fir Arabidopsis Cryptomeria Experiment Day Month
RVE1 (myb-like factor) t005329 AT5G37260 Shoot-057-45 0:00 3:00 4:00 97 Feb
VIN3 (vernalization insensitive) t005024 AT5G57380 N/A 4:00 3:00 N/A 255 Jul
CCA1 (circadian-clock associated) t001299 AT1G01060 N/A 4:00 6:00 N/A n.s. c -
COP1 (constitutive photomorphogenic) t007671 AT4G11110 HI9HAF202BWYA2 7:00 7:00 8:00 85 Jan
CRY1 (cryptochrome) t007387 AT4G08920 AB894544 10:00 10:00 4:00 316 Sep
FT (flowering locus T) t021120 AT4G20370 N/A 12:00 0:00 N/A 12 Nov
ELF4.2 (early flowering 4) t027724 AT1G72630 N/A 12:00 15:00 N/A 255 Jul
LHY (late-elongated hypocotyl) t004201 AT2G46830 AB894539 18:00 8:00 4:00 n.s. -
GI (gigantea) t001582 AT1G22770 AB894538 18:00 20:00 16:00 97 Apr
ZTL (Zeitlupe/F-box domain) t005033 AT2G18915 AB894542 20:00 10:00 16:00 n.s. -
TOC1 (timing of CAB expression) t039766 AT5G60100 AB894541 20:00 19:00 20:00 n.s. -
LUX (myb-like transcription factor) t012828 AT5G59570 N/A 20:00 18:00 N/A n.s. -
ELF4.3 (early flowering 4) t029722 AT2G06255 N/A 20:00 20:00 N/A 249 Jul
  1. aDouglas-fir diurnal phase values expressed as clock hours, where sunrise occurred at 6:44 AM, and the photoperiod was 12:50 in length. Arabidiopsis thaliana phase estimates were reported as hours from ZT (lights on), based on a 12 h photoperiod [7]; to make units comparable, we added 7 h to Arabidiopsis phase values to approximate sunrise (in clock hours) in our study. Cryptomeria japonica phase estimates were reported in clock hours [31]
  2. bAnnual phase values are expressed in experiment days (days after 29-October)
  3. cProfiles identified as not significantly rhythmic by JTK_CYCLE are noted “n.s