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Table 5 MNEc2M and MNEc670k variant mean and median alternate allele frequency

From: Developing a 670k genotyping array to tag ~2M SNPs across 24 horse breeds

SNP Chip Sample Split Mean ALT Allele Frequency Median ALT Allele Frequency
MNEc 2M Variants WGS + SNP 0.2115920561 0.0975609756
SNP Only 0.208498773 0.0900621118
WGS Only 0.2313047405 0.1258278146
MNEc 670k Variants WGS + SNP 0.267280485 0.1729559748
SNP Only 0.2647029832 0.1682389937
WGS Only 0.2836436744 0.1895424837
  1. Average (mean and median) values for MNEc2M and MNEc670k arrays broken down by genotype information available from WGS, CHIP or WGS + CHIP