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Table 4 GO analysis of candidate genes

From: Genome-wide gene expression analysis in the placenta from fetus with trisomy 21

  Pathway Gene symbol rawP adjP
Up regulation in T21 Down regulation in T21
Whole genome
 BP Hydrogen peroxide-mediated programmed cell death MET HGF, MAP3K5 2.65e-07 2.01e-04
Ovulation from ovarian follicle ADAMTS1, LEP, NRIP1 MMP19 7.94e-07 4.00e-04
Negative regulation of hydrogen peroxide-mediated programmed cell death MET HGF 4.17e-05 7.60e-03
Striated muscle cell differentiation APP, CAPN3, MET, MYLK3,OBSL1 COL4A5, EFNB2 4.00e-04 4.54e-02
 MF Arginine/serine domain binding SON, U2AF1 - 8.00e-04 4.21e-02
Peptidase activity ADAMTS1, ADAMTS5, BACE2, CAPN3, CPXM2, USP16, USP25 ADAMTS9, ANPEP, HGF, MMP19 8.00e-04 4.21e-02
Metallopeptidase activity ADAMTS1, ADAMTS5, CPXM2 ADAMTS9, ANPEP, MMP19 1.00e-03 4.21e-02
Glucocorticoid receptor binding ETS2, NRIP1 - 1.40e-03 4.28e-02
 CC Extracellular matrix ADAMTS1,ADAMTS5, CPXM2, FRAS1, ADAMTS9, COL4A5, GPC4, LAMC3, MMP19, MMRN2, PXDN 3.64e-05 4.70e-04
Mitochondrial proton-transporting ATP synthase complex, coupling factor ATP5J, ATP5O - 1.20e-03 4.61e-02
Extracellular region part ADAMTS1, ADAMTS5, CPXM2, FLT1, LEP, MET ADAMTS9, PXDN, COL4A5, GPC4, HGF, JAM3, LAMC3, MMP19, MMRN2 1.60e-03 4.61e-02
Basement membrane ADAMTS1 COL4A5, LAMC3, MMRN2 1.80e-03 4.61e-02
Chromosomes other than HSA21
 BP Hydrogen peroxide-mediated programmed cell death MET HGF, MAP3K5 4.75e-08 3.28e-05
Anatomical structure formation involved in morphogenesis CAPN3, FLT1, FZD5, KIF26B, MET, MYLK3, OBSL1, STXBP1 ANPEP, COL4A5, EFNB2, GJC1, HEYL, HGF, JAM3, MMP19, MMRN2, WLS, 8.78e-06 2.30e-03
Regulation of intracellular protein kinase cascade CAPN3,FLT1, FZD5, LEP, MET F2RL1, HGF, LITAF, MAP3K5, TICAM2, WLS, 3.23e-05 3.70e-03
Cell differentiation CAPN3,FLT1, FZD5, MCOLN3, MET, MYLK3, LEP, OBSL1, STXBP1 ADAMTS9, ANPEP, COL4A5, EFNB2, F2RL1, GJC1, HEYL, HGF, JAM3, LAMC3, MMP19, PRICKLE2, SLC7A11 9.31e-05 4.90e-03
Circulatory system development FLT1, FZD5, GJC1, JAM3, MYLK3, OBSL1 ANPEP, EFNB2, HEYL, MMP19, MMRN2 7.93e-05 4.90e-03
 CC Proteinaceous extracellular matrix - ADAMTS9, COL4A5, GPC4, LAMC, MMP19, MMRN2, PXDN 2.00e-04 5.90e-03
Extracellular space CPXM2, FLT1, JAM3, LEP, MET, ADAMTS9, GPC4, HGF, MMRN2, PXDN 5.00e-04 1.11e-02
  1. HSA21 human chromosome 21, BP biological process, MF molecular function, CC cellular component, T21 trisomy 21
  2. rawP: p value from hypergeometric test, adjP: p value adjusted by the multiple test adjustment