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Table 1 DAVID functional annotations of tissue expressions by genes specified by A) blood cell clusters; B) dermal cell clusters; C) neural cell clusters

From: SAIC: an iterative clustering approach for analysis of single cell RNA-seq data

Term PValue
A) blood cell clusters
 B-cell 4.82E-08
 Blood 2.83E-07
 Whole blood 7.46E-07
 Bone marrow 7.16E-05
 Peripheral blood 8.28E-05
 Cord blood 0.001507
B) dermal cell clusters
 Pancreas 4.00E-12
 Placenta 8.29E-09
 Keratinocyte 1.25E-08
 Liver 1.36E-08
 Fibroblast 6.40E-06
 Epidermis 1.41E-04
C) neural cell clusters
 Fetal brain cortex 5.31E-07
 Cajal-Retzius cell 8.08E-06
 Fetal brain 0.0050
 Eye 0.015
 Epithelium 0.029
 Muscle 0.029