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Table 3 Transcripts expressed exclusively in MS+ pre-adult L. salmonis, putatively of microsporidia F. margolisi origin

From: Effects of the vertically transmitted microsporidian Facilispora margolisi and the parasiticide emamectin benzoate on salmon lice (Lepeophtheirus salmonis)

Contig ID SwissProt E-value Description Organism
5725753a S7XG51 4E-76 Ribosomal S4 Spraguea lophii
5733902a S7XQV3 6E-84 Beta-tubulin Spraguea lophii
5722217a A0A0F9Z835 5E-67 Heat shock 90 Nosema ceranae
5734902a H8Z9X9 3E-56 Heat shock 90 Nematocida parisii
5725884a A0A0F9WFB6 2E-60 Heat shock 70 Nosema ceranae
5724134a A0A0B2UJK9 3E-132 Phenylalanyl-tRNA synthetase alpha Ordospora colligata
5729536a A0A059EU36 9E-129 Ribosomal S4 Anncaliia algerae
5727693a L7JXU0 0 Elongation factor 2 Trachipleistophora hominis
5723341a Q25002 1E-153 Elongation factor 1 Glugea plecoglossi
5727856a S7XVR1 7E-75 Heat shock 70 Spraguea lophii
5726266a A0A0F9WBW4 2E-116 Tubulin alpha Nosema ceranae
5722879a S7XU13 7E-155 Diphosphate reductase Spraguea lophii
5,727,653 Q553P2 3E-11 Uncharacterized Dictyostelium discoideum
5734574a C8CG41 4E-9 Polar tube protein Antonospora locustae
5,724,095 W4J6D6 5E-9 Uncharacterized Plasmodium falciparum
5733921a E0S8Y5 4E-14 Uncharacterized Encephalitozoon intestinalis
  1. Annotation using e < 10E-5 with UniProt BLASTx [68]
  2. aContig sequence best aligns with another microsporidian sequence