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Table 1 Transcriptional re-shaping of the neutrophil during C. albicans infection

From: Dual transcriptome of the immediate neutrophil and Candida albicans interplay

Cellular function %
Transcription factors and regulators 15.6
Gene expression 11.5
Receptors 6.4
Signaling 22.0
Cytokines 6.4
Adhesion and migration 2.8
Membrane trafficking & phagocytosis 6.4
Metabolism, stress response, transport 17.4
Uncharacterized 11.5
  1. Entity of neutrophil DEGs affected during infection with C. albicans yeast and hyphae were assigned to 9 different cellular functions and the relative abundance of DEGs in this group was determined. Assignment to function was done using NCBI, KEGG and GeneCards® databases