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Fig. 3

From: eRP arrangement: a strategy for assembled genomic contig rearrangement based on replication profiling in bacteria

Fig. 3

a The conceptual rearrangement figures and read coverage graphs on the arranged contigs. From the left panels, in order of contig length, the rearrangement results from the eRP arrangement algorithm and the correct order are shown using the reference genome information as the control. Four strains including one B. subtilis str. 168 (WT) and three inversion mutants (Additional file 2: Table S2) are used for the demonstration. b The arrangement accuracy in each strain. The genome coverage was calculated by dot plot graph for each order. The genome coverage rates were calculated as a percentage of the genome coverage of the eRP arrangement order to the coverage of the correct order. As the negative control, a randomly shuffled contig order and orientation was used (total of 100 replicates). c Construct information about the inverted mutants

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