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Table 2 A. niger strains used in this study

From: Expression-based clustering of CAZyme-encoding genes of Aspergillus niger

Strain Genotype Reference
A. niger N402 cspA1 [67]
FP-304 (ΔrhaR) cspA1, ΔkusA::amdS+, pyrA5, ΔrhaR::pyrA+ [10]
UU-A101.1 (ΔamyR) cspA1, ΔargB, pyrA6, leuA1, nicA1, ΔamyR::argB+ [8]
FP-306 (ΔgalX) cspA1, ΔkusA::amdS+, pyrA5, ΔgalX::pyrA+ [14]
UU-A033.21 (ΔaraR) cspA1, pyrA6, nicA1, leuA1, ΔargB::pIM2101 ΔaraR::argB+ [22]
UU-A062.10 (ΔxlnR) cspA1, pyrA6, ΔargB, nicA1, leuA, pyrA6, ΔxlnR::pyrA+ [22]