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Fig. 5.

From: IL-17 signalling restructures the nasal microbiome and drives dynamic changes following Streptococcus pneumoniae colonization

Fig. 5.

OTU level analysis of individual nasal microbiomes of wild type and Il17ra KO mice with and without artificial inoculation with S. pneumoniae. a The 20 most abundant OTUs from the dataset are plotted individually with the remainder combined. Data are grouped as unchallenged (0) or days following inoculation. Blocks of similar colours represent common bacterial phyla. OTU 2 is the cluster containing the expected sequence of the strain (SRL1) used in these experiments and is outlined in red. b 2 dimensional NMDS plots of the nasal microbiome before and after pneumococcal inoculation. Each animal is plotted as a number corresponding to the time (days) when the sample was taken after pneumococcal inoculation. P values are for PERMANOVA testing of differences between animals before and after pneumococcal introduction

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