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Table 1 Divergence time estimates in Arabidopsis from past studies

From: An Arabidopsis introgression zone studied at high spatio-temporal resolution: interglacial and multiple genetic contact exemplified using whole nuclear and plastid genomes

  Arabidopsis crown group Arenosa/ Lyrata LyrataNA/ LyrataEU method dataset calibration
Beilstein et al. (2010) [58] 12.92 my 8.17 my NA BEAST ndhF/PHYA fossils
Hohmann et al. (2015) [3] 5.97 my 1.29 my NA BEAST 73 cp genes fossils
Novikova et al. (2016) [25] 5.72 my 0.6 my 0.34 my BEAST complete cp genome secondary, based on Hohmann et al. (2015) [3]
Koch et al. (2000) [59] 5.1–5.4 my NA NA Ks-simulation and permutation Chs and Adh synonymous substitution rate
Pyhäjärvi et al. (2012) [40] NA NA 69,000 generations (0.138 my assuming a 2-years generation time) MIMAR 19 nuclear loci mutation rate from Ossowski et al. (2010) [60]
Ross-Ibarra et al. (2008) [39] NA NA 19–32 ky ms 77 nuclear loci mutation rate from Koch et al. (2000) [59]
  1. LyrataNA North American, LyrataEU European