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Table 1 The mean number of segregating sites and estimates of synonymous and non-synonymous genetic diversity for each group. SS: Segregating sites across the core genes. π: The average pairwise differences per site. θW: Watterson’s estimator of genetic diversity based on the number of segregating sites

From: Whole genome sequencing of the monomorphic pathogen Mycobacterium bovis reveals local differentiation of cattle clinical isolates

  Synonymous Non-Synonymous
  SS π θW SS π θW
URY1 312 0.000006 0.00005 264 0.00004 0.00004
URY2 162 0.0000004 0.00002 139 0.00002 0.00001
URY3 523 0.00001 0.00005 370 0.00003 0.00004