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Fig. 4

From: Population differentiation in allele frequencies of obesity-associated SNPs

Fig. 4

FTO SNPs. (a) Physical positions of 15 FTO SNPs on chromosome 16. (b) Heatmap showing how significantly the effect alleles of FTO SNPs are enriched or depleted in each of the 26 populations in comparison with the overall average. SNP ID is shown for each row of the heatmap and followed by its obesity-increasing allele. The 15 FTO SNPs were divided into two clades. The first clade has 5 members, which are indicated by arrows in a. (c) Heatmap for populations of African ancestry. 5 SNPs with depleted alleles (green color) formed the first major LD block, whereas the 9 SNPs with enriched alleles (red) except rs6499640 formed the second major LD block in African group (e). Also refer to the main text. (d) Heatmap for populations of European ancestry. (e) Five heatmap matrixes of pairwise linkage disequilibrium statistics (r2) for five continental groups, respectively. Each cell in the heatmap represents correlation (r2) between a pair of SNPs

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