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Fig. 8

From: Population differentiation in allele frequencies of obesity-associated SNPs

Fig. 8

Obesity-associated SNPs detected in different populations and their effects on composite genetic risk scores. (a) Overlap of SNPs detected in different populations. In this Venn diagram, each oval represents a population specific set of SNPs, which were detected in GWA studies targeting that population (see Additional file 2: Table S2). For example, the oval for Europe contains 125 SNPs, which indicates that these SNPs were detected in European population-based GWA studies. Multi-population refers to GWA studies performed on mixed ethnic populations (Additional file 2: Table S2). South Asian population-based GWA studies compiled in this report did not result in obesity-associated SNPs reaching genome-wide significance (5 × 10−8). (b) Comparing distributions of composite genetic risk scores between CEU and JPT populations on different SNP set. Refer to the main text for specifications of three SNP sets (24, 45 and 155 SNPs). In the boxplot, plus symbol indicates average, and center line in the box plot shows the median. Ratio refers to, for each SNP set, the ratio of population-level average between CEU and JPT. P-value is based on the Student’s t test

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