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Table 2 Enriched GO terms for all comparisons

From: Effect of short term diet restriction on gene expression in the bovine hypothalamus using next generation RNA sequencing technology

Go Term Ontologya P value
Restricted Anovulatory v Control
 Defense response bp 4.79E-09
 Type I interferon-mediated signaling pathway bp 1.15E-06
 Cellular response to type I interferon bp 1.15E-06
 Response to type I interferon bp 1.29E-06
 Response to other organism bp 1.70E-06
 Immune response bp 3.71E-06
 Response to biotic stimulus bp 3.96E-06
 Response to virus bp 5.36E-06
 Innate immune response bp 5.47E-06
 Gated channel activity mf 8.57E-06
Restricted Ovulatory v Control
 Establishment of synaptic specificity at neuromuscular junction bp 0.001550394
 Collagen type XV cc 0.001734458
 Cell-cell adherens junction cc 0.001885389
 Cellular component disassembly at cellular level bp 0.002858457
 Cellular component disassembly bp 0.002995423
 Macrophage colony-stimulating factor receptor binding mf 0.003064441
 Endothelial cell-cell adhesion bp 0.003122893
 Thyroid-stimulating hormone receptor activity mf 0.003136574
 Myoblast migration bp 0.003153657
 Transforming growth factor beta receptor complex assembly bp 0.003216917
Restricted Ovulatory v Restricted Anovulatory
 Neuron projection cc 6.75E-09
 Cell periphery cc 2.54E-08
 Plasma membrane cc 3.71E-08
 G-protein coupled receptor protein signaling pathway bp 1.87E-07
 Receptor activity mf 1.18E-06
 Signal transducer activity mf 1.20E-06
 Molecular transducer activity mf 1.20E-06
 Dendrite cc 1.85E-06
 Cell surface receptor linked signaling pathway bp 7.16E-06
 Intrinsic to membrane cc 9.48E-06
  1. aGene ontology terms: bp: biological process; mf: molecular function; cc: cellular component