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Table 1 Sugar, Brix, fibre and pedigree information for each genotype

From: Association of variation in the sugarcane transcriptome with sugar content

Genotype Code Brix (degree) Fibre (%) Pedigree Group
QC02–402 G01 18.3 31.39 Commercial hybrid Low sugar
QA02–1009 G02 18.3 43.36 Commercial hybrid Low sugar
QN05–803 G10 17.8 47.74 Commercial hybrid Low sugar
KQB07–24739 G16 18.4 48.2 Introg. BC1 (S. spont) Low sugar
KQB09–23137 G18 17.7 33.53 BC1 (S. spont) Low sugar
KQB09–20620 G19 17.8 39.88 Introg. BC1 (S. spont) Low sugar
KQB09–20432 G20 18.3 49.79 Introg. BC1 (S. spont) Low sugar
QN05–1743 G04 21.4 34.62 Commercial hybrid High sugar
QN05–1509 G05 20.1 40.43 Commercial hybrid High sugar
QS99–2014 G06 20.9 31.21 Commercial hybrid High sugar
QA96–1749 G07 19.4 46.33 Commercial hybrid High sugar
Q200 G09 19.7 37.6 Commercial hybrid High sugar
KQB07–23990 G13 20 36.25 Introg. BC1 (S. spont) High sugar
KQ08–2850 G14 20.3 43.84 Introg. BC3 (Erianthus sp) High sugar
  1. Introg-introgression; BC-back cross; S. spont- Saccharum spontaneum