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Table 7 DEGs obtained between high sugar bottom (HSB) vs low sugar bottom (LSB) internode samples using three databases SoGI, SUGIT and SAS. Shown here are some of the sucrose/sugar related transcripts

From: Association of variation in the sugarcane transcriptome with sugar content

Feature ID Description Fold change (original values) FDR < 0.01
 CA255667 Sucrose synthase 2 −28.85 0.01
 CA207180 Sucrose transporter 2 −18.14 5.53E-03
 CA267680 Sugar-phosphate isomerase-like protein −17.31 4.84E-03
 TC112923 Sugar-starvation induced protein −15.38 7.76E-03
 TC121981 Sucrose synthase 3 −8.42 1.88E-04
 TC146639 UDP-sugar pyrophosphorylase −8.39 3.65E-04
 TC113610 Sucrose phosphate phosphatase −8.29 1.66E-03
 CA072415 Sucrose non-fermenting related protein kinase −7.5 3.33E-05
 CA258700 Possible sugar transferase −6.69 1.04E-04
 TC140141 Impaired sucrose induction 1-like protein −6.53 4.84E-04
 CA233504 Sugar phosphate exchanger 2 −6.15 1.68E-03
 TC131675 Sucrose phosphate synthase III −5.74 2.64E-06
 TC136732 Sucrose transporter SUT4 −5.49 8.38E-06
 TC146044 Sugar transporter ERD6-like 5 −5.21 3.08E-06
 TC129039 Sugar efflux transporter −4.92 1.24E-04
 c94324f1p42760 sugar transporter type 2a −12.62 9.96E-03
 c98328f1p02743 Sucrose synthase 2 −10.46 3.32E-03
 c98146f1p0774 sugar transporter (ERD6) −9.43 1.00E-02
 c88771f1p01741 Bidirectional sugar transporter SWEET −9.2 3.59E-03
 c32435f3p21876 Sucrose non-fermenting related kinase 1b −8.47 8.64E-03
 c41415f1p01118 Sucrose transporter 1 −6.16 6.80E-03
 c29857f1p01086 UDP-sugar pyrophosphorylase −5.72 2.93E-04
 c106308f1p04384 Sucrose phosphate synthase A −5.33 2.54E-04
 SCUTFL1058E04.g sugar phosphatase -like −7.8 6.02E-04
 SCEQAM1036A06.g sucrose-phosphate synthase 3 −7.47 4.37E-06
 SCEZAM2031D12.g UDP-sugar pyrophosphorylase −7.29 2.74E-04
 SCEQRT1031C11.g bidirectional sugar transporter SWEET14-like −7.17 2.06E-03
 SCEPAM2014B12.g sucrose transport SUC3 −7.08 2.03E-05
 SCEPCL6023F02.g sucrose synthase 2 −6.89 2.30E-04
 SCBGSD2049G08.g sugar transport 7 −6.72 8.51E-05
 SCAGLR1021A01.g sugar phosphate phosphate translocator −6.34 9.12E-05
 SCCCRT2001F10.g sucrose non-fermenting 4 −6.08 1.81E-06
 SCCCLR1C06G07.g sucrose-phosphate synthase 1 −5.63 4.97E-06
 SCCCRZ1004G04.g impaired sucrose induction 1 −5.21 7.47E-05
 SCEPLR1008A12.g sucrose transport SUC4-like −4.81 4.82E-06
 SCSBST3096E12.g sucrose-phosphatase 2-like −5.21 3.55E-05
  1. SoGI-Saccharum officinarum gene indices; SUGIT-Sugarcane Iso-Seq transcriptome database; SAS-sugarcane assembled sequences