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Table 4 The properties of detected driver nodes with Liu’s method, Gao’s method, and our method in Pancreatic cancer network

From: A novel algorithm for finding optimal driver nodes to target control complex networks and its applications for drug targets identification

Method Pancreatic cancer network Inflammatory bowel disease network
f1 f2 f1 f2
Liu [6] 4.0952 0.0596 39.0208 0.0806
Gao [8] 0.8750 0.0748 0.7917 0.1316
Our method 0.4702 0.4302 0.1875 0.5506
  1. The columns represent the following information per disease network: Different methods, the fraction of the quantity of drivers vs. the target nodes (f1), the fraction of the driver nodes within drug target nodes in FDA vs. the quantity of driver nodes (f2)