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Table 3 Top 10 top and bottom loadings for PC1 and PC3

From: Resistant and susceptible chicken lines show distinctive responses to Newcastle disease virus infection in the lung transcriptome

  ID (description)
Top loadings PC1 ENSGALT00000052188 (lincRNA)
ENSGALT00000084582 (lincRNA)
ENSGALT00000010657 (SYT8, synaptotagmin 8)
ENSGALT00000085449 (lincRNA)
ENSGALT00000074783 (lincRNA)
ENSGALT00000084401 (lincRNA)
ENSGALT00000082899 (DPT, dermatopontin)
ENSGALT00000087260 (lincRNA)
ENSGALT00000086210 (lincRNA)
ENSGALT00000084683 (lincRNA)
Bottom loadings PC1 ENSGALT00000065772 (lincRNA)
ENSGALT00000041171 (CDHR1, cadherin related family member 1)
ENSGALT00000010186 (LOC428958, Lipase)
ENSGALT00000026579 (LINC00954, uncharacterized protein)
ENSGALT00000088678 (protein coding)
ENSGALT00000023730 (ANKRD55, ankyrin repeat domain 55)
ENSGALT00000010222 (LOC424523, uncharacterized protein)
ENSGALT00000012370 (LOC422316, uncharacterized protein)
ENSGALT00000008605 (CA4, carbonic anhydrase 4)
ENSGALT00000024201 (ZNF366, zinc finger protein 366)
Top loadings PC3 ENSGALT00000067307 (protein coding)
ENSGALT00000080873 (RCJMB04_7i8, uncharacterized protein)
ENSGALT00000046430 (faf, Female-associated factor FAF)
ENSGALT00000077789 (Nipped-B homolog-like)
ENSGALT00000086634 (lincRNA)
ENSGALT00000054249 (protein coding)
ENSGALT00000056168 (protein coding)
ENSGALT00000084245 (protein coding)
ENSGALT00000085229 (lincRNA)
ENSGALT00000050894 (protein coding)
Bottom loadings PC3 ENSGALT00000044087 (ARRDC3, arrestin domain containing 3)
ENSGALT00000083633 (lincRNA)
ENSGALT00000009519 (IGLL1, uncharacterized protein)
ENSGALT00000024328 (ACER2, alkaline ceramidase 2)
ENSGALT00000073167 (protein coding)
ENSGALT00000024902 (SLC44A1, solute carrier family 44 member 1)
ENSGALT00000024201 (ZNF366, zinc finger protein 366)
ENSGALT00000012370 (LOC422316, uncharacterized protein)
ENSGALT00000018840 (JCHAIN, joining chain of multimeric IgA and IgM)
ENSGALT00000024747 (PCGF3, polycomb group ring finger 3)