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Table 2 Putative homologs of fruiting-related genes (FRGs) in A. aegerita AAE-3

From: The genome sequence of the commercially cultivated mushroom Agrocybe aegerita reveals a conserved repertoire of fruiting-related genes and a versatile suite of biopolymer-degrading enzymes

FRG Reference Gene IDs (=protein IDs) of putative homolog(s) in A. aegerita AAE-3
BRI1 Ohm et al. [25] AAE3_08826
BWC2 Idnurm and Heitman [107] AAE3_13841
C2H2 Ohm et al. [25] AAE3_10955, AAE3_10959, AAE3_10962
EXP1 Muraguchi et al. [98] AAE3_02324
FST3 Ohm et al. [25] AAE3_09009
FST4 Ohm et al. [25] AAE3_11357
GAT1 Ohm et al. [25] AAE3_00943
HOM1 Ohm et al. [25] AAE3_03904
HOM2 Ohm et al. [25] AAE3_01295
PCC1 Murata et al. [88] AAE3_01481
CFS1 Liu et al. [89] AAE3_01819
DST1 Terashima et al. [91] AAE3_10538
DST2 Kamada et al. [22] AAE3_02725
ELN3 Arima et al. [99] AAE3_00364, AAE3_06792, AAE3_13318
ICH1 Muraguchi and Kamada [90] AAE3_04768
AaPRI1 Fernandez Espinar and Labarère [93] AAE3_01691
AaPRI2 Santos and Labarère [94] AAE3_02445
AaPRI3 Sirand-Pugnet and Labarère [79] AAE3_14114, AAE3_14115, AAE3_13258, AAE3_14116, AAE3_13242, AAE3_13216, AAE3_14117, AAE3_14118
AaPRI4 Sirand-Pugnet et al. [19] AAE3_04684, AAE3_04675, AAE3_04665 AAE3_04667