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Table 3 Number of genes assigned to the CAZy families by reviewing and prediction (HMM)

From: The genome sequence of the commercially cultivated mushroom Agrocybe aegerita reveals a conserved repertoire of fruiting-related genes and a versatile suite of biopolymer-degrading enzymes

CAZy family AAa Name reviewed predicted
AA1_1 laccase sensu stricto 14 15
AA1_2 ferroxidases 1
AA1_3 laccase-like multi-copper oxidases 0
AA2 class II fungal peroxidases 4 8
AA3_1 cellobiose dehydrogenase 0 28
AA3_2 aryl-alcohol oxidase/ glucose-1-oxidase 25
AA3_3 alcohol oxidase 3
AA3_4 pyranose oxidase 0
AA4 vanillyl-alcohol oxidase 0 2
AA5_1 glyoxal oxidase 8 14
AA5_2 galactose oxidase 0
AA6 1,4-benzoquinone reductase 3 3
AA7 glucooligosaccharide oxidase 2 30
AA8-AA3_1 iron reductase domain 1 1
AA9 lytic polysaccharide monooxygenase 21 21
AA12 pyrroloquinoline quinone-dependent oxidoreductase 4 4
  1. aAA (auxiliary activities of redox active enzymes in conjunction with CAZymes)