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Table 1 Detailed statistics of the datasets in this study

From: A systematic approach to RNA-associated motif discovery

Category Content Source Number of cell lines Number of unique sequences Reference
Extracellular miRNAs Sequences of annotated extracellular miRNAs from multiple cell lines of human and mousea ExoCarta 22 1392 [48]
EVpedia 21 663 [49]
Vesiclepedia 19 833 [50]
Villarroya-Beltri et al. 1 30 [12]
Santangelo et al. 1 103 [13]
miRNA-mRNA binding sites detected by CLASH Sequences of hsa-miR-92a-3p binding sits on the target mRNAs CLASH 1 1064 [8]
AGO2-mRNA binding sites detected by PAR-CLIP Sequences of AGO2 binding sites on mRNAs Erhard et al. 1 545 [52]
  1. aNote that extracellular miRNA databases have overlapped entries, which results in a total of 1891 unique miRNAs