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Table 3 Validated allelic variants in detected QTLs. Selected target genes for the validation of QTLs influencing fermentation kinetics, substrate consumption and the production of fermentative aromas; differences caused by the allelic gene variants regarding the influenced traits were detected by RHA and are given as the ratio of phenotype MTF2621 to phenotype MTF2622

From: QTL mapping of volatile compound production in Saccharomyces cerevisiae during alcoholic fermentation

QTL name Trait Evaluated genes Different impact of allele on trait as MTF2621/MTF2622 [factor]
chr2@166.4 Ethyl butanoate
Ethyl lactate
Pyruvate yield
AGP2 0.79*** ethyl lactate
chr3@26.1 2-methylpropanoic acid AGP1 1.26* 2-methylpropanoic acid
ILV6 no effect
chr4@71.3 Ethyl 2-methylbutanoate
Ethyl butanoate
Ethyl 2-methylpropanoate
Pyruvate yield
YDL124W no effect
chr4@133.6 2-methylbutyl acetate
3-methylbutyl acetate
Ethyl hexanoate
SIR2 0.77* 3-methylbutyl acetate
0.78** ethyl hexanoate
chr4@177.5 Ethyl lactate
Ethyl octanoate
Diethyl succinate
Propanoic acid
Propyl acetate
NRG1 1.10* propanol
chr4@386.5 CO2 production rate at t80% HXT3 1.07* CO2 production rate
  G/F ratio   1.86** G/F ratio
   HXT6 no effect
   HXT7 no effect
chr11@29.5 2-phenylethyl acetate
Ethyl decanoate
Ethyl dodecanoate
Ethyl hexanoate
Ethyl octanoate
Decanoic acid
Hexanoic acid
Octanoic acid
ACP1 no effect
FAS1 0.81** ethyl hexanoate
0.82** decanoic acid
0.84**hexanoic acid
0.89** octanoic acid
FAT3 no effect
PXA2 no effect
chr11@127.6 2-methylpropanoic acid
2-methylpropyl acetate
3-methylbutanoic acid
IXR1 1.14** 2-methylpropanol
1.16* 2-methylpropanoic acid
MAE1 1.43** 2-methylpropanoic acid
1.67*** 2-methylpropanol
1.27*** 3-methylbutanoic acid
1.40* 3-methylbutanol
RGT1 1.15*** 2-methylpropanol
chr12@226.9 Propanol
Propyl acetate
whole region no effect
chr14@48.9 Dodecanoic acid
Propanoic acid
Propyl acetate
Valeric acid
ALP1 0.90* dodecanoic acid
1.07** propanol
1.26*** valeric acid
chr15@176.5 2-methylbutyl acetate
2-phenylethyl acetate
3-methylbutanoic acid
LEU9 1.08* 2-phenylethyl acetate
RGS2 1.21* 2-methylbutyl acetate
0.83* 2-phenylethyl acetate
  1. (p-value: ns (not significant) > 0.05, * ≤ 0.05, ** ≤ 0.01, *** ≤ 0.001)