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Fig. 1

From: Quadruplex DNA in long terminal repeats in maize LTR retrotransposons inhibits the expression of a reporter gene in yeast

Fig. 1

Comparison of different retrotransposon superfamilies and in silico predicted potential quadruplex-forming sequences (PQS). a Chart shows proportion of families that possess at least one PQS (green) PQS located on plus (PQS+; blue) minus (PQS-; red) and both strands (purple). b Shows absolute numbers of PQSs in different superfamilies with respect to LTRs and out of LTR regions (INT). c Proportion of PQS found within superfamiles present in the LTR region (e.g. out of all PQS+ found in Copia superfamily 64% are located in LTRs). d Density of predicted PQS normalized per length in LTR regions, out of LTR regions (INT) and whole elements with respect to main superfamilies

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