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Fig. 4

From: Characterization of the human RFX transcription factor family by regulatory and target gene analysis

Fig. 4

TF binding profiles in the promoter and enhancer regions of RFX genes. Distribution of all the z-scores of all the core vertebrate transcription factor binding site (TFBS) profiles in JASPAR 2016, with the search areas consisting of − 5000 to + 2000 bp with respect to the 30 RFX TSS locations and − 200 bp to + 200 bp from the mid-points of the RFX enhancers, against a background of a set of 10× random TSS locations and enhancers with identical window size and matching %GC distribution from FANTOM5. High-scoring or over-represented TF binding site profiles were computed as having z-scores above the mean + 2 x standard deviation (red dotted line)

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