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Fig. 4

From: Cross-site comparison of ribosomal depletion kits for Illumina RNAseq library construction

Fig. 4

LincRNA Detection in rRNA Depleted Libraries: a) Mean fraction of non-rRNA reads assigned to lincRNAs based on the ENSEMBL annotation. b) Number of lincRNAs detected over specified RPM levels. c) Fraction of lincRNA mapped reads assigned to the top 4 lincRNAs detected for each sample. Data sets ordered by site then intact/degraded status within each kit left to right. Average RPM counts for each lincRNA was calculated and the top four lincRNAs were shown keeping remaining lincRNAs in ‘Others’ category. d) Overlap of lincRNAs detected by the three core library prep methodologies: ribosomal pulldown (RLQ), RNAse H (NCK), and ZapR (CZ). Average RPM counts for each lincRNA for all samples in each of the three core library methods (RLQ = RZ, LX, Q; NCK = NE, CR, K; CZ = CZ) was calculated and lincRNAs with average RPM > 0 were compared among the methods

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