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Table 2 The estimated p-values for the association between microbial composition of the entire community and T1D survival

From: A highly adaptive microbiome-based association test for survival traits

Method p-value
MiRKAT-S(KU) 0.043
MiRKAT-S(K0.5) 0.012
MiRKAT-S(KW) 0.009
MiRKAT-S(KBC) 0.004
OMiRKAT-S 0.006
MiSALN(1/4) 0.025
MiSALN(1/3) 0.024
MiSALN(1/2) 0.023
MiSALN(1) 0.022
OMiSALN 0.026
OMiSA 0.006
  1. KU, K0.5, KW, and KBC, indicates the use of unweighted UniFrac, generalized UniFrac with ϴ = 0.5, weighted UniFrac, and the Bray-Curtis dissimilarity kernels, respectively, for MiRKAT-S [24]