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Table 2 Domains of tomato genes encoding G-Lectins

From: Classification and phylogenetic analyses of the Arabidopsis and tomato G-type lectin receptor kinases

  Locus aSLG EGF PAN TM Kinase
1 Solyc02g079640 bx x x x x
2 Solyc04g008400.A x x x x x
3 Solyc04g008400.B x x x x x
4 Solyc04g058110 x x x x x
5 Solyc07g063770 x x x x x
6 Solyc10g006710 x x x x x
7 Solyc11g005630 x x x x x
8 Solyc01g094830 x x x x
9 Solyc02g030300 x x x x
10 Solyc02g079530 x x x x
11 Solyc02g079540 x x x x
12 Solyc02g079550 x x x x
13 Solyc02g079570 x x x x
14 Solyc02g079590 x x x x
15 Solyc02g079620 x x x x
16 Solyc02g079630 x x x x
17 Solyc02g079710 x x x x
18 Solyc03g006720 x x x x
19 Solyc03g006730.A x x x x
20 Solyc03g006730.B x x x x
21 Solyc03g006770 x x x x
22 Solyc03g006780 x x x x
23 Solyc03g063650 x x x x
24 Solyc04g008370 x x x x
25 Solyc04g077270 x x x x
26 Solyc04g077280 x x x x
27 Solyc04g077300 x x x x
28 Solyc04g077340 x x x x
29 Solyc04g077360 x x x x
30 Solyc04g077370 x x x x
31 Solyc04g077390 x x x x
32 Solyc04g078410 x x x x
33 Solyc05g008310 x x x x
34 Solyc07g053080 x x x x
35 Solyc07g053120 x x x x
36 Solyc07g053130 x x x x
37 Solyc07g053220 x x x x
38 Solyc07g063700 x x x x
39 Solyc07g063710 x x x x
40 Solyc07g063720 x x x x
41 Solyc07g063730 x x x x
42 Solyc07g063750 x x x x
43 Solyc07g063780 x x x x
44 Solyc07g063800 x x x x
45 Solyc09g011330 x x x x
46 Solyc10g005440 x x x x
47 Solyc10g006720 x x x x
48 Solyc12g005290 x x x x
49 Solyc01g006520 x x x
50 Solyc03g005130 x x x
51 Solyc03g007790 x x x
52 Solyc03g078360 x x x
53 Solyc03g078370 x x x
54 Solyc06g036470 x x x
55 Solyc09g075910 x x x
56 Solyc09g075920 x x x
57 Solyc11g013880 x x x
58 Solyc02g072070 x x x
59 Solyc03g120110 x x x
60 Solyc08g076050 x x x
61 Solyc08g076060 x x x
62 Solyc12g006840 x x x
63 Solyc01g006530 x x
64 Solyc04g015460 x x
65 Solyc04g077380 x x
66 Solyc07g055650 x x
67 Solyc08g059730 x x
68 Solyc07g063820 x x x
69 Solyc07g063810 x x
70 Solyc07g055630 x
71 Solyc07g055640.A x
72 Solyc07g055640.B x
73 Solyc08g076070 x
74 Solyc04g077310 x x
75 Solyc07g053090 x x x
76 Solyc09g009150 x x x
77 Solyc09g018490 x x
78 Solyc02g076830 x x
79 Solyc10g006690 x x
80 Solyc04g077320 x
81 Solyc07g009440 x
82 Solyc07g055690 x
83 Solyc01g014510
84 Solyc01g014540
85 Solyc01g014560
86 Solyc01g014640
87 Solyc01g014700
88 Solyc02g030340
89 Solyc02g030380
90 Solyc02g078730
91 Solyc07g009410
92 Solyc07g062480
93 Solyc07g062490
  1. aSLG S-locus glycoprotein, EGF epidermal growth factor, PAN plasminogen apple nematode, TM transmembrane
  2. b“x” denotes presence and “–” denotes absence of a domain