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Table 2 Interchromosomal gene cluster candidates identified by Algorithm 3 with δ=700 and δ=750

From: GraphTeams: a method for discovering spatial gene clusters in Hi-C sequencing data

Name Genes p-Value
USP17L chr. 4: USP17L10, USP17L11, USP17L12, USP17L13, USP17L15, USP17L17, USP17L18, USP17L19, USP17L20, USP17L21, USP17L22, USP17L23, USP17L24, USP17L25, USP17L26, USP17L27, USP17L28, USP17L29, USP17L30, USP17L5; chr. 8: USP17L1, USP17L2, USP17L8 1·10−7
OR4F chr. 1: OR4F16, OR4F29; chr. 8: OR4F21; chr. 15: OR4F15, OR4F6 1.40·10−5
GGT chr. 20: GGTLC1; chr. 22: GGT2, GGTLC2, GGTLC3 9.09·10−5
OR4M/OR4N chr. 14: OR4M1, OR4Q3; chr. 15: OR4M2, OR4N4, RP11-294C11.1, RP11-294C11.3 9.09·10−5
OR4F chr. 1: OR4F5; chr. 19: OR4F17 0.0050417
(unnamed) chr. 20: RN7SKP271; chr. 22: RN7SKP221, RN7SKP63
(unnamed) chr. 1: RNU1-13P, RNVU1-1, RNVU1-7; chr. 21: U1
(unnamed) chr. 3: RNU6ATAC29P; chr. 8: RNU6ATAC41P; chr. 14: RNU6ATAC30P; chr. 17: RNU6ATAC7P; chr. 18: RNU6ATAC20P; chr. 20: RNU6ATAC17P, RNU6ATAC34P
(unnamed) chr. 12: RNU6-101P, RNU6-768P; chr. 13: RNU6-68P, RNU6-81P; chr. 17: RNU6-450P
(unnamed) chr. 9: 1193P, RNU6-1269P, RNU6-368P, RNU6-538P, RNU6-599P, RNU6-798P; chr. 13: RNU6-55P
(unnamed) chr. 12: RNU6-1183P; chr. 14: RNU6-976P; chr. 16: RNU6-758P
(unnamed) chr. 6: RNU7-48P; chr. 11: RNU7-50P; chr. 13: RNU7-88P
(unnamed) chr. 5: RN7SL689P; chr. 6: RN7SL502P; chr. 9: RN7SL338P; chr. 10: RN7SL518P; chr. 12: RN7SL519P; chr. 13: RN7SL597P; chr. 15: RN7SL497P; chr. 17: RN7SL138P; chr. 20: RN7SL116P; chr. 22: RN7SL704P
  1. The upper part shows all clusters that received a significant p-value in the GO analysis. The lower part lists clusters containing no GO-annotated genes, but were identified by manual inspection as corresponding to associated gene families