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Table 1 Mapping statistics for the reference sequence

From: A modified sequence capture approach allowing standard and methylation analyses of the same enriched genomic DNA sample

Sample % of reads aligned pre-filtering Average % coverage per ref. contig Average depth of coverage per ref. contig Number of ref. contigs mapped % of ref. contigs mapped Base-space mapped (bp)
BTF 24.2 59.6 30.7 82,873 99.6 39,868,184
BTS 24.2 59.3 30.5 82,862 99.6 39,602,695
NBTF 73.3 70.7 36.9 83,107 99.9 48,808,952
NBTS 72.8 77.9 34.5 82,999 99.7 54,641,687
  1. Detailing the mapping output statistics for the two enriched wheat DNA samples, NBTF and BTF (non-bisulphite treated and bisulphite treated) that were taken through separate capture reactions and the two samples that were split and one bisulphite treated while the other was non-bisulphite treated after a single capture (NBTS and BTS). Mapping statistics are in relation to the 82.5 Mb mapping reference