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Fig. 7

From: Identification of genes directly responding to DLK1 signaling in Callipyge sheep

Fig. 7

Effects of DLK1, DNTTIP1 and METTL21E on myosin promoter activity. Increased Myh4 and decreased Myh7 luciferase activity was examined in DLK1 (a) and DNTTIP1 (b) over-expressed myotubes. Over-expression of METTL21E (c) decreased Myh4 and increased Myh7 luciferase activity. Primary myoblasts were transfected with different compositions (indicated by percentage in graph) of effector constructs together with Myh4 or Myh7 luciferase plasmids. The pRL-SV40 plasmid was transfected into cells as a transfection efficiency control. The transfected cells were put into 96-well plates in growth media overnight and fused into myotubes for 3 days. Luciferase activity was adjusted for transfection efficiency by multiplying the firefly luciferase activity of a given well by the ratio of mean renilla luciferase activity for all wells divided by renilla luciferase activity of the given well to produce units of adjusted luciferase activity. Differing lower case letters indicate significance (P < 0.05) within each test

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