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Table 4 Differential expression of hpa-sRNAs between the heterotic groups. Range and mean numbers of threshold-based differential hpa-sRNAs from the 9 inbred line combinations are given

From: Small RNA-based prediction of hybrid performance in maize

  DESeq2 # DE hpa-RNAs Threshold-based # DE hpa-sRNAs
Set# and inbred lines positively negatively positively negatively
Flint: F039, F043, F047
Dent: S036, S050, S058
20 672 35–220
mean 140.67
mean 1375.56
- Flint: L024, L035, L043
- Dent: P033, P040, P066
829 0 1956–2284
mean 2086.56
mean 119.78