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Table 4 Summary of branch and branch-site tests of molecular evolution

From: Comparison of the Chinese bamboo partridge and red Junglefowl genome sequences highlights the importance of demography in genome evolution

  Bambusicola # trees Gallus # trees MRCA # trees
Branch 264(199) 2822 95(61) 2822 46(18) 2822
resampled q 13(9) 264 9(5) 95 2(2) 46
resampled p 46(22) 264 24(10) 95 16(6) 46
Branch-Site 531 2822 191 2822 94 2822
BAli-Phy 3 531 2 191 1 94
  1. Results from ML estimates are shown in bold while subsequent methods are shown in plain text below. Resampled q refers to the use of q-values while resampled p refers to the use of p-values for distributions of alignments for branch tests. The number of trees tested for each species is given to the right of each respective column. Numbers in parentheses for branch tests are the number of gene trees where the foreground dN/dS was greater than the background dN/dS. Numbers for branch-site tests represent the number of genes that showed evidence of episodic positive selection